18/11/2021 - 18/12/2021

... Only dishonest people are hurt by simple nudity". Félicien Rops
Is the freedom of creation total in our Western societies? Does it remain to be acquired, even conquered? From the violent charge that Rops and his Temptation of St. Anthony had to endure, to the banning by Facebook of Evelyn Axell's Ice Cream, what is left of censorship today?
If it takes new forms, starting with the scaffold of social networks, the worst of all probably remains the one imposed by the artist himself. Where do we decide, individually and collectively, to place the cursor?
This is the question that this exhibition proposes to raise by inviting five artists to deliver their vision of the taboos, excesses and excesses of our time.
Let the critics and censors of all kinds be warned: some works will raise the temperature, while others will blow the cold.
All of them will have the flavor of what touches the untouchable...

Rops Félicien Bernier Pascal Moerman Jean-Luc Muyle Johan

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