Reversing the talk


14/04/2023 - 19/05/2023

The psyche, reflection of the soul of each individual, is embodied in the artistic practice of Céline Cuvelier and Yves Velter. In a world more and more in grip with a communication more and more virtual devoid of human presence, Céline from Brussels and Yves from Ostend, try to approach the man in his individuality and his life. Through a multidisciplinary plastic research in direct contact with women whose lives have been put aside by the law or mental fragility, Céline Cuvelier recreates stories with visual codes that belong to them and highlights the denial of a society that does not want to see its flaws. In Yves Velter's figurative compositions, it is through the drawing of the silhouette, the posture and the composition that he reveals a vague communication that only abstract thought could express. In painting, he tries to visualize the hidden part of the individual, isolated from a life context.
Together, their works dialogue around current social, as close as possible to social reality.

Velter Yves Cuvelier Céline

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