Cuvelier Céline

Cuvelier Céline


Holder of a Bachelors degree in psychology from the Université Libre de Bruxelles and a Masters degree in painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels Céline Cuvelier was born in Brussels in 1988.
Her work deals with the unvarnished reality of those who experience the limits of our societies. Not hesitating to put her foot in the door, she addresses the violent chaos of the world while
the violent chaos of the world while visually reflecting on the use of the main contemporary media.
Between painting, sculpture and installation, each of her gestures proposes the outline of a cartography, which would be at the same time very intimate and yet realistic, of a world always more torn between these different layers of realities. Emerges then a hybrid territory, formed from
experiences, fantasies and pretexts, of our questionings remained without answer also. A
subjectivity hoisted to the rank of rampart against the broken promises of objectivity and transparency
of our western societies.
It is thus another history that Céline Cuvelier tells us, a history which does not ignore contradictions of its time, its endemic violence, nor the instability of the memory when it is a question to approach the History.



Reversing the talk
14/04/2023 - 19/05/2023
Belgian Artwork's duo
03/04/2021 - 26/06/2021


Born in 1988 in Brussels, Belgium
Lives and Works in Brussels Belgium

Jetlag Dream, galerie du Botanique, Brussels, BE
Double Bind Smile, Tour à Plomb center, Brussels, BE

Inside/Out, Musée Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Brussels, BE
This place/displaced DMW Gallery, Antwerp, BE

Something Beautiful, La Vallée, Bruxelles, BE
Sousvenir, Room#12, Bruxelles, BE

Generation Brussels - Vandenborg Buildings, Bruxelles, BE
C8 - A Ceramic Show, Penthouse Art Residency, Hotel Bloom!, Bruxelles, BE
Revlt, Vandenborg Buildings, Bruxelles, BEt
Exhibition of the Médiatine prize 2018, La Médiatine, Brussels, BE.
Berlin Alexanderplatz, ETE78, Brussels, BE.
Plus Loin les Yeux, Penthouse Art Residency, Hotel Bloom!, Brussels, BE
Allegrarte platform 1, 292 Av. Louise, Brussels, BE.
Dhondt-Dhaenens museum, Garden Party & auction sale, Laethem-St-Martin, BE
Full House, Fondation Moonens, Brussels, BE

Radieuse, 7 quai du Commerce, Brussels, BE, cur. Emmanuel Lambion
Masters Salon 2016, The Vanderborght Building, Brussels, BE
The Bloom Experiment, Hotel Bloom, Bruxelles, BE
Masters Salon 2016, Koninklijke Akademie van Antwerpen, Anvers, BE
The Other Stoic Comedian, ÉTÉ 78, Bruxelles, BE
Tradition Does Graduate, ARBA-ESA, Bruxelles, BE
Island Presents, La Vallée, Brussels, BE
Now Here, ARBA-ESA Master Exhibition, La Vallée, Brussels, BE

The Voyage Out, été 78, curated by F. Kiniques and P. Hunt, Brussels, BE
Terra Mentis #4, Centre culturel Omar Khayam, Brussels, BE
Terra Mentis #3, Librairie Par chemins, Brussels, BE
Terra Mentis #1, éléments de langage, Brussels, BE
Triptic, Dam Gallery, Brussels, BE
White Cube ?, Dam Gallery, curated by E. Lopez Menchero, Brussels, BE


Résidence Live.Make.Share, Hanoï Vietnam
Exhibition Mediatine Prize 2018
Fond Félicien Rops Résidence au Château de Thozée
Prize Morelli contemporary
Résidence artiste invité Fondation Moonens

Master's degree, Painting, Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts, Brussels
Bachelier's degree in Psychology, Université Libre de Bruxelles

From 2014 Vice President of the fondation « Isabelle Masui - Jeunesse de l’art »
From 2015 Painting Workshop in the woman’s prison of Berkendael, Brussels, BE
Study classes with children in La Maison des Migrants, Brussels, BE
2015 Internship by Luc Fierens, Mail artist, Weerde, Belgium.

2015 Collapsus, Luc Fierens Céline Cuvelier, Postfluxpost édition, Weerde , 2015.
Berkendael - openen na de Klik, Céline Cuvelier, auto-édition, Bruxelles 2015.

« Tendances première » V. Tyberghien - Céline Cuvelier, La première RTBF, (34’28)
« Elles Font bouger le monde », Camille Hannot, Flair magasine, N°30, Juillet 2018.
« Une peintre à la rencontre des prisonnières », Metro 11juin 2018
« Projet à suivre des ateliers de peinture dans une prison de femmes », Laurence Donis, Elle Belgique, Juin 2018.

« Le matin du vendredi - Plus loin les yeux, Céline Cuvelier », Radio Campus (1:58:02émission-10112017/
« Plus loin les Yeux - Céline Cuvelier » Interview télé sur BX1 à propos de l’exposition Plus loin les Yeux, émission #M.
« La folie et les arts » Interview menée par les déchainées, les détenues de la prison de Berkendael.échaînées-la-folie-et-les-arts/

« Hommage à Virginia Woolf », article about the exhibition The voyage Out, published online in H art.
« Enclaves/Oasis- Terra Mentis #4 », published online in Revue Projection.

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