Eye to Eye - Curated by Claire Leblanc


10/03/2022 - 31/03/2022

Memento Mori
With no way out, in an unstoppable face-off, Cindy Wright confronts us with our inescapable mortal condition. "Eye-to-eye". Death in the face.
Majestic. Solemn. Grave. But with the singular virtuosity that characterizes her, unfolding in a prodigious mimetic facture, Cindy Wright seduces more than she offends or repels.
Like our own reflections, these majestic skulls ruffle our pride and the artist confronts us with our finitude. The magnetism operates. Charm or devilry, Cindy Wright's "Eye-to-eye" series is, in the end, a true ode to life, its power and grandeur.
Claire Leblanc

Wright Cindy

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