Verleysen  Luna

Verleysen Luna

1996 Aalst

2021: Kunstoevers, Aalst (BE)
2021: Progress & Pleasure, Diskus Aalst (BE)
For Luna VERLEYSEN, painting is an adventure. Sometimes ‘wild’ (which shows itself not only in the subject, but also in the technical execution, especially in the 'restless' brushstrokes), otherwise 'modest' and withdraws into a found, romantic painting, which she makes a contemporary image with a subtle addition. She intuitively plays with materials and techniques, which is reflected in various subjects and an uninhibited visual language. She gets her inspiration from social media or from her everyday life.
The themes in her work are light-hearted, banal and often with a note of humor. She thinks that life is serious enough and wants to make paintings that everyone can relate to and that aren’t too complex. The quest of making the painting is more important than the end result.

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