Geluck Philippe

Geluck Philippe


A true one-man band, cartoonist, comedian, radio and television man, Philippe Geluck was born in Brussels in 1954.
Graduated from the Institut Supérieur Arts de la Scène (INSAS) in 1975, he began a career as an actor in the main Belgian theaters for about ten years. In 1976, he founded the Théâtre Hypocrite.
On March 22, 1983, at the request of the newspaper Le Soir, Le Chat appears for the first time in a supplement of the daily newspaper. Very quickly, he became the newspaper's mascot. Since then, more than 8000 drawings are published there but also appear internationally.
Since 1986, 21 albums of Le Chat have been published.
In television, since 1979, Philippe Geluck has designed or hosted nearly 1,500 programs bearing the seal of his humor.
For the 20th anniversary of Le Chat, in 2003, Geluck presented a monumental exhibition at the École nationale des beaux-arts in Paris, which later traveled to Brussels, Bordeaux and Rennes, attracting more than 350,000 visitors. Since then, his drawings, paintings and sculptures have been exhibited in numerous galleries and contemporary art shows.
Today, Philippe Geluck is actively preparing the opening of the Museum of Le Chat and Humor Drawing which will open its doors in 2023 in Brussels.
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