Corps à cœur - Priscilla Beccari - Curated by Maëlle Delaplanche


08/09/2022 - 02/10/2022

The Belgian Gallery presents the first solo exhibition of the Belgian-Saint Marino artist Priscilla Beccari in its grand house to open the Brussels Gallery Weekend art season. "Corps à cœur" sounds like a cry from the body and the heart, in unison, as if the pain of the body becomes tears of happiness. Not without a sense of humour, the artist, in a singular staging, with drawings, sculptures and installations, delivers a dreamlike and fragile universe. The assembled large format, on paper, the artist's main medium, voluntarily abused, turns into a skin whose different sized assemblies resemble the scars of life more or less repaired. The line is rough, sinuous and anchored in a sensitive truth that the artist tames. Together with the curator Maëlle Delaplanche, who signs this exhibition, they confront us with filiation and the life drive.

Beccari Priscilla

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