Jean-Luc Moerman revisiting Belgian Master Artists - Curated by Els Wuyts

10/09/2021 - 06/11/2021

Jean-Luc Moerman
revisiting Belgian Master Painters
Curated by Els Wuyts
Chromatic explosions, viral lines, organic movements, amorphous forms and hybrid motifs, the compositions of Jean-Luc Moerman (°1967, Brussels) wander between intuition, survival instinct and calligraphy. Unique characters with infinite motifs inhabit his drawings, paintings and sculptures. The artist constructs an idiosyncratic, expanding universe, in which each form seems to mutate again and again, oscillating between the exterior and the interior, nature and civilization, the public space and the exhibition space.
Although Jean-Luc Moerman is an artist with multiple practices, the present exhibition is mainly devoted to drawing. His fluid style is exported in a network of fine black lines intimately linked to emblematic Belgian artworks. Inspired by body art from all over the world, he applies tattoos on characters from the paintings of Pierre Paul Rubens, Félicien Rops, Paul Delvaux and Evelyne Axell, participating in their updating. Transformed into contemporary allegories, these protagonists from another time become accessible to us.
Marked by a chaotic childhood where tattooing was present, Jean-Luc Moerman fashions vibrant figures, strong with vulnerability, mobility and attention. The beating heart. Innovative energy. Always.
His career as an artist began in the early 1990s, outside the world of institutional art, on the streets of Brussels, where he developed his first abstract forms in the form of stickers that were quickly visible throughout the capital. Since his first solo exhibition in 1995, his work has been exhibited on national and international platforms such as the Olbricht Collection (Berlin), La Maison Rouge (Paris), the Musée d'Art Moderne (Luxembourg), the Musée d'Ixelles (Brussels), the Musée des Beaux-Arts (Calais), the MOCA (Shanghai), the Flag Art Foundation (New York), the Vanhaerents Collection (Brussels), BPS22 (Charleroi) and at Art Basel in 2005.
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Rops Félicien Delvaux Paul Axell Evelyne Moerman Jean-Luc

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