31/07/2021 - 08/10/2021

Monday - Friday 13 to 18pm
Saturday - Sunday 11 - 18pm
Opening : 31 July
Trottoir : Saturday 7 August
Popularized, revisited, extrapolated, the term "bipolar" is declining as fast as the present. Today, it goes beyond psychiatry and the individual to embrace the universe, echoing a newfound dialectic. At the crossroads of science and mystery, its definition has never been so ambiguous.
Through a series of modern and contemporary works, BIPOLAR bears witness to this semantic renewal. In turn, the continents conquer the ice floes, the sacred mingles with the profane, and youth becomes fatal. For all that, the opposites merge more than they oppose each other. Against the backdrop of a world in the grip of retrenchment, BIPOLAR offers a multiple reading of duality.
Translated with (free version)

Ensor James Spilliaert Léon Bernier Pascal Lafontaine Marie-Jo Moerman Jean-Luc

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